Full-computer professional control system, classic and reliable driving style, outstanding performance of door operating structure, high-intensity car design, make our freight elevators suitable for different locations easily. With full specifications, good performance, high reliability and superior performance provide relevant solutions for diversified cargo carrying and can be suitable for different architectures’ construction, extensively used in goods transportation locations, such as factory, producing line, workshop, marketplace, shopping center and exhibition hall.

It applies the novel materials and the advanced technology to design and manufacture the goods. It combines with the design style of the Germany romantic sentiment to ensure the high quality of the products and the elegant coziness. It is applicable for the occasions with large flow of passengers such as the shopping center,supermarket,subway,airport etc. It adds a bright and beautiful flowing scenery for your constructions.

passenger elevator are welcomed by people for their excellent quality, good components, out standing performance and excellent design

1.Used in hotel restaurant, office and residential building

2.we have passenger elevator with machine room and without machine room.

3.capacity for with machine room is400kg,630kg,800kg,1000kg,1250kg,1600kg.

4.capacity for without machine room is 400kg, 630kg, 800kg, and 1000kg

5. according to the ISO and the safety, we require the top floor height  to be 4500mm and the pit depth to be 1500mm

Mini-machine room elevator is Green Elevator, which integrates the world’s most advanced traction technology and the mature and reliable control technology. It has the following superior performance: space-saving, energy efficient, green, safe and comfortable, stable and reliable, etc. It represents the development direction of the elevator, and can fully meet the needs of the residential apartments, commercial buildings and luxury hotel.

The machine room area of the mini-machine room elevator is same as the hatchway area,and is only about 50% of the traditional elevator machine room. So mini-machine room elevator saves the construction materials and the cost of civil works, expands space utilization.

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